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Hi Peg,

My husband and I are heartbroken. Last Tuesday at 2:00 in the afternoon, our precious "Boots" died peacefully in my arms at the DuPage Animal Hospital. I wanted to die right along with him. It was just terrible to watch his sweet little life go right out of him until finally he was gone. I looked at his big, beautiful eyes, and I knew he was no longer with me. His vet, Dr. Maves, wasn't in, but another vet, a female vet who saw him a couple of times two or three years ago when his vet was not in, put him down. She was just wonderful throughout the whole thing, and her eyes were filled with tears. I simply could not let my sweetie suffer any longer. I wanted to have him put down a couple of months ago, but I allowed Dr. Maves to sweet-talk me out of it, and for that I will always have regrets. He was MY dog, not Dr. Maves' dog, and I knew it was time two months ago. Finally, I decided I wasn't going to allow Bootsie Boy to scream like a wounded child and collapse any longer. Also, he could barely stand up; I carried him around most of the time. Also, the last couple of months I would spend hours in my rocking chair, cuddling him and rocking him like a baby, and he would look up at me with such love and devotion, I could hardly stand it. Towards the end he required a great deal of attention, but that is not the reason I finally took him in; I simply couldn't allow him to scream and collapse any longer. And he was nearly 15 1/2 years old. We had him for only eight years, but they were such wonderful years with this little dog who had such a sweet disposition. I think the word "sweet" must have been thought up just for our little Boots. Anyway, I want to thank you again for letting us adopt this little angel dog. We loved him so much, and he knew he was loved every minute of every day that he lived with us. And he gave so much love back to us.

Fondly, Ercie


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