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Burtie's Story

Burtie came to us from MDASU. He was to be euthanized because he had cataracts and he was very fearful. While he was at Pekes and Pals he learned to once again trust humans, and everyone thought he was a sweet boy. His new mom had his cataracts removed, and he is truly blossoming in her care. These updates on these little ones are what inspire us to keep going with saving "special" needs kids who do not have a chance without our intervention.

Burtie when he had cataracts

The following is a letter from Burtie's adoptive mom.

Dear Peggy:

I have been remiss in writing to you. I'm sorry. How have you and the babies been? Burtie is beautiful and happy. He still bites when you are doing something he doesn't like, so that makes strangers just a little cautious in his presence, but they understand. I believe he was much more abused than you or I would like to think. He doesn't let any strangers touch him on the street and you must know how hard that is because everyone wants to pet him, he is so cute. He is fearful of feet and legs. He does NOT like to be combed, so I do it in the morning while we are both still in bed and he is just waking. He seems more agreeable then for the brushing and grooming. His vision is acute. She [the opthalmologist] did a marvelous job on him, worth every penny. Everyday he discovers something new and exciting. It is a joy to watch him develop. While Vince's sister and husband were here, he had company all day long while we were at work. I think that they spoiled him, just a little. He relapsed the final few days into making accidents in the house, but now three days after they have gone, he is back to normal, I hope.

We have an absolute ball watching him when Vince fills the pool. He attacks the water from the hose and jumps all over. His greatest pleasure is when he hears the pool pump beginning to rumble starting up. He runs all around the pool and then tries to catch all the water bubbles as they explode out of the jets. It is about 3 minutes for pure pleasure, watching him. We laughed our tails off. Frankly, I told them [Vince's sister and husband], I do not know what we would have talked about nor entertained ourselves with for the three weeks they were here if it weren't for Burtie. He has had a growing fascination with the pool chlorine float. As his eyesight has improved, his attention has been drawn to the float. This has developed because when he is playing with his tennis balls, he uses his soccer moves to toss them in the pool. So needless to say, he has watched us repeatedly retrieve his balls, so he finally saw the float. Well, on Saturday last, he just could not stand it a moment longer so he jumped into the pool to get the float. MY GOD, was that funny. They were sitting around the pool watching him, but never thought he would actually do it. I was getting ready for work and heard the big splash. He was soaked from ear to tail. Vince sprung into action, between the laughter, and fished him out while I got a towel. You could tell that the little guy felt so victorious!! His visits to Doc Warner have been conclusively positive. She is very pleased with his recovery and my reports on his developing sight. He is now on eye drops every other day until we go back to see her on the 22nd Feb. I anticipate that we will not have to go back for another check-up for a month after that, maybe two, who knows. He is doing wonderfully and bringing us so much pleasure and joy.


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