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Many dogs are turned in to shelters because their elderly owners die or are unable to care for them anymore. Some are turned in because their owners cannot afford the veterinary care required to return their pet to health. We don't believe an animal should be euthanized simply because he's old, sick or injured. But..... canine care and veterinary treatment can be expensive. Your donations are critical. If you would like to help our homeless dogs by making a donation we offer you three ways in which to do so:

  • Donate online using your American Express card:
    PLEASE NOTE: Donations made via American Express do not reach us for six weeks.


  • Donate online using any major credit card via   


  • Donate by sending a check or money order made out to Pekes and Pals Canine Rescue, Inc. to:

    Pekes and Pals Canine Rescue, Inc.
    c/o Peggy Dunn
    19400 Durrance Rd.
    Fort Myers, FL 33917

    If you would like to help but cannot afford to make a monetary donation, here are some items we can always use for the daily care of our dogs:

    • Frontline flea and tick spray
    • Odoban disinfecting cleaner and pet odor remover (available at Home Depot and Sam's by the gallon)
    • Doggie beds and baskets, any size
    • Towels for baths
    • Blankets and rugs for bedding
    • Doggie toys, all types and sizes

    Pekes and Pals Canine Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Your donations are tax-deductable.



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