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Education for Responsible Dog Ownership

If you own a dog, or are considering adopting one of our rescues, we strongly urge you to read the information presented here. It may save you heartache and money down the road.

Canine Ehrlichiosis Tick-Borne Disease

The Horror of Puppy Mills

Pet Overpopulation in America

Spaying and Neutering

Dangerous Over-the-Counter Pet Products

Toxic Products You May Use Around Your House


Dog Owners Beware

I am so sad to hear of the terrible side effects and deaths of these precious souls when their owners tried to do the responsible thing. Sadly, Drug Companies do not always pull the stuff until they are sued by multiple pet owners. Please, everyone read the info on this site. Our furkids are precious to us, and not everyone knows about this terrible side effect. Hugs to all Peggy




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