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This is Goldie.

Although she's only about 3 or 4 years old, she's been through hell. Goldie was used as "bait" for fighting dogs. The black marks you see on her body are healing bite wounds. She was anemic from flea infestation and was found to have a light heart worm infection. She also showed signs of past abuse and obvious neglect, resulting in her reluctance to remain inside. The second photo shows how thin she still is after a month of regular feeding. She had been abandoned on a lot down the road from Peggy and after a month of daily visits and gentle encouragement, she allowed Peggy to rescue her.

Goldie Playing

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Despite this dog's horrendous past, she is a gentle, sweet and very loving girl. She will be available for a new, loving family when she has been cured of the heartworms. She is currently under treatment for this, as well as anemia. PLEASE keep your pets on heartworm prevention as it only takes a single bite from an infected mosquito to transmit this disease to your dog or cat.


Hi Peggy--
Goldie has a new name - Francis.  She has an appointment with Dr Mackelvey tomorrow afternoon.
Francis is eating, drinking and sleeping well.  She goes in and out on a leash.  We are trying to get her on a pee and poop schedule. She just started to play with hew new toy. She is such a gentle soul.  Her tail is always wagging. She loves to be brushed and petted.  She loves the attention. She's seems to be adjusting to her new home and her new name.  Francis sends her love to all her little friends and especially you. We will keep you up dated.

Ed and Marie

OH ! My heart is bursting with my happiness for this sweet soul ! I cannot thank you enough for accepting her bond to you both. The picture with her birdie friend is simply precious ! It is hard to imagine that she was once pit bull bait, and yet is so willing to love humans and other pets. I know everyone with our org. is simply Thrilled with her new families choice. Bless you both for sharing your hearts and home with Francis. Love from
Peggy and the humans and furkids


Hi ! Peggy,     Isn't she beautiful ?


  She loves  comfort


Dear Wonderful Peggy;   Thank you so much for the lovely things you wrote in your e-mail. 
You express yourself so beautifully.  We were both very touched.
  From the moment G.Francis greeted us at your door, I knew that she was "something special". And special she is!  She had a connection with Ed and me, from the moment we met. It will be two weeks that Francis has been with us.  I want you to know that she is happy.  We are a good fit.   She eats, loves being pampered and petted.  She gets much attention and affection, and she gives us much joy and love. Francis continues to adjust to her new home and family.  She even accepts Chiquita the bird.    We both are in awe of the wonderful work you do with all your pets.  God bless you for rescuing and saving G.Francis. All we want is for Francis to live the rest of her life feeling loved and safe and wagging her tail.   Love to you and all your precious kids.  
Marie and Ed


Driving  Miss  Francis  ~         Hi  Peggy,   Isn't  our  dog  the  best !  Do  you  remember  us?  We'll  never  forget  you & the  wonderful  kids.  Love,  Ed & Marie  and  FRANCIS  STEPHENSON  



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