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Hi everyone,
David and his wife adopted Harvey from us in 2006. Harvey was one of our "special needs" little ones who had only 1 functioning eye. He chose this couple as soon as they entered my living room. He usually ignored people who came here to adopt, but as soon as David sat down, Harvey jumped off the back of the couch and ran to David and rolled over for belly rubs. It was an instant bond with them. Harvey was about 4 yrs old when he came to us from Miami Dade death row. There they felt he was 10 yrs old due to his neglected condition and the scarring of his right eye. So he was to be put to sleep. He and David have been pretty much inseparable all these years and David called me in tears as he was having to make the heart breaking decision to let Harvey cross the Bridge. We talked for a while and I reassured David that Harvey knows he loves him and is telling him that his time here is ending. I am so very grateful for loving souls like David and his wife and all the others who find us to help them add beloved new family members. And I am so very,very grateful for the help you all give me in what we do for these precious souls. David said he will email pics of Harvey so we can add them to his Abandoned to Adored picture.


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