Friday August 19, 2016 the Rescue Community lost one of their Angels. Peggy Dunn lost her battle with cancer. She was a Kind, Caring and Loving individual to Humans and All Animals. She worked 24 hours a day with no vacations or time for herself. She gave her Heart and Soul to Rehabilitating and Loving Dogs that would have been Euthanized or Forgotten. There have been hundreds of Dogs that have been rescued by Peggy and found new Loving homes because of her thorough adoption process that would have the dog pick the Family to call home.

In her last Month Peggy asked a close organization to her if they would care for her remaining Dogs. They stepped up and took in all of them. Peggy's wish would be to have all supporters of hers to help those Dogs by donating to Canine Estates 292 Alternate 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL 34683. Her Legacy can live on in the support of those Dogs she left behind.

God Be With You Peggy. We know you are the Angel Looking over your Dogs and helping them find loving homes.

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