Mary Rembowski Memorial

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Heavens Gate
As we cross the bridge to heavens gate
We look behind to see what we left
Did we try to follow the path God chose?
Did we do the best to ease others pain?
Did we Love all creatures as we would be loved?
Did we correct our wrongs and learn from them?
If the answer is yes then turn your head
Cross over the bridge proud of the legacy you left
Feel the warmth of Gods love fill your heart
For you will be greeted by those who have crossed before you
Ronald C. Caldwell



Mary Rembowski , My Dear Friend, Entrusted me as her Health Care Surrogate and I had the heartbreaking task of fulfilling this role in her life. Mary Rembowski had a Huge love for all of Earth's creatures. She helped the homeless people as well as abandoned pets in her neighborhood. She volunteered at Miami Dade Animal Services, helped transport many pets to Rescues on both Coasts as well as holding down her job with the Research Dept for Miami Dade School System. She gave of herself unselfishly to so many Precious furkids and the Humans who tried to save them, so these furkids could experience human love and care. She was a Huge part of Pekes and Pals, all the furkids loved her. She also helped many other rescue organizations, both physically attending Events to watch over the pets and teach proper pet care and donating supplies that were so badly needed by the Organizations who had pets in their care. She is sorely missed by so many people in the Rescue Community, but I know she is in the company of so very many precious furkids who were waiting for her to join them and play with them. I see her, in my heart, happy, healthy and playing with the furkids in a Lovely place on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest In Peace My Dear Friend,