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Rock and Rescue II Benefit Concert

A HUGE thanks to all these Wonderful people for donating their talents to benefit our organizations needs for the furbabies. Dawn Sellari is the Special Lady who has put this together for us twice, 2009 and again this year. http://www.hottopicband.com/mp3player.htm Here is a link to their sites music. They are Wonderful ! Many people asked us why we do not do this more often and so many lovely compliments on the furbabies who were there to meet people. Peggy

Here are the names of everyone who donated their time and what they did:

Joe Richichi, our drummer, played with us and other groups and let everyone use his drums

Mike Martin, sang and played guitar

Brett Foreman, brought his whole 6pc band to perform

Angela Hicks, did that really amazing dance with the sword on her head

My neighbor Pearl, her and her friends were the belly dancers and she gave me the balloons and the pump

Bob Posch, the mc and comedian, he really kept the show together and made it run smooth, he was really awesome

Stacey Allison, brought her 5pc band to perform and her and her husband got us the PVC

Shelly and Kelly, they did the acoustic duo, she held Velcro on her lap when she sang.  They just lost a cat, and adopted 2 from a rescue, so now they have 5 and they go to volunteer whenever they can, I love to think we were instrumental in anyone else becoming a volunteer for any animals

Bob and Renee, they did a duo, they are called Double Dare. Also major animal lovers, has 4 cats and 2 rabbits and just took home a fish from a wedding they did and they didn't know what to do with it...so she went and bought a big tank and love the fish, like she loves all her animals

Billy Dean and Dawn, did a duo, she can hit a lot of high notes, they are very popular in all the clubs. Fantastic voices !

Don and Leslie Hale, duo called Caluah and Cream, ditto the above, super popular duo, I am sure their name was a draw

Steve Friedman, he and his real cute daughter Chloe did a duo, named Cloud 9

Ronnie and my sister both made the T-shirts to sell at the event

Ray, he went with Geno and left with Geno, spent all day helping with all the set up and break down and putting out any "fires"

danielaj@thecommonsclub.com    Daniella, from the Commons Club, did all the advertising in the Brookes, made sure they knew what we needed the day of- like tables and trash etc, got all the posters flyers and tickets made, lined up the bathroom staff, she did a lot to help put this together

JosephA@thecommonsclub.com    General manager of the venue, didn't hesitate to say yes and support us when I asked to do the event

scotts@thecommonsclub.com   Scott, Manager of Rosie Spoonbills, was there ALL day, plus had to do a brunch earlier that afternoon (so really all day), was in charge of the staff and making sure everything Daniella told him we needed was in place, all the food and drink stations etc..

rmosbach@gulfshorefacilityservices.com   Robert and Luz from Gulf Shore Facility Svs, Donated bathroom attendant service

greg@gregtannerentertainment.com   Greg,  my friend and the traffic guy From Fox, help me line up Fox4 Rising interview

kyle.jordan@winktv.com   Kyle who came out and interviewed us from WinkNews

OMG and Can't forget Geno, busted his tail all day and did a great job with all the gear and running everyones sound, he was super supportive of this entire event and of everything I do for the dogs, he was mad I didn't bring you up to the stage, well not really mad...I can't remember everything! 

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