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Seniors for Seniors

Many of the dogs in shelters today are there because their elderly owners died and their families were unable, or unwilling, to assume responsibility for them. Many of them suffer neglect, at the very least, or abuse, whether intentional or not. For this reason, we developed the "Seniors for Seniors" program where senior citizens are asked to adopt senior dogs. Senior dogs are 8 years or older, and for the most part they are calmer and quieter than young dogs. They'll be content to sit quietly next to you while you watch TV or read, and they'll be happy to accompany you on a leisurely walk. Most senior-age dogs appreciate a quiet life and are suited to the routines of older people.

In rescue, the needs of the dog dictate who will be allowed to adopt. We will not, for instance, adopt a senior dog to a family with young children. By the same token, we will not adopt a young dog to a senior citizen. Our goal is to ensure that none of our dogs find themselves back in a shelter because their owner passed away before they did. Our priority is always the safety and well-being of the dog.
































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