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Why We Do Rescue


Sometimes pet owners are faced with the unhappy task of giving up their dog. Many lucky dogs wind up at The Humane Society, where they are cared for and where they will find a new family. Lee County, FL is very fortunate in that we have a No-Kill Humane Society, and also an Animal Services that makes every effort to avoid indiscriminate euthanization. Many more dogs, however, wind up in shelters where they are euthanized within a few days of their arrival, often only due to limited space, health or temperament issues. Still other dogs are dumped beside roadways and left to fend for themselves. Many of these dogs are hit by cars and die horribly, while others die of starvation or disease. Some are killed by soulless people "just for the fun of it." Some fortunate dogs are found by concerned citizens and taken into their loving homes, or taken to shelters where they are cared for until, hopefully, someone will see these wonderful dogs and adopt them. Still other dogs are brought to rescue organizations, like Pekes and Pals, where every effort is made to find the dog's owner. If unsuccessful in this quest, then the dog is taken into the rescue program, returned to good health, evaluated for temperament and breed issues, and fully vetted. Then the rescue organization tries to find "appropriate" new families for the dogs.

Pet over-population is becoming a very real concern everywhere. Pet over-population is a result of indiscriminate breeding practices and irresponsible owners. Pet shops, puppy mills, back yard breeders, and dog brokers make a living selling puppies and dogs for the dollar value that they alone set. They have NO consideration for the dogs themselves, or for trying to match a dog to the interested parties who want to buy a dog. It's no mystery why there are so many abused and abandoned animals needing loving homes.

Please take a minute to read the stories of some of the dogs that have been residents at Pekes and Pals and see for yourself

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