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Our Wish List

In a perfect world there would be no animal abuse, no cruelty, no neglect. There would be no starvation, no disease, no unwanted litters of puppies. There would be no need for organizations to "rescue" animals, no need for people to volunteer their time and tears trying to stop the suffering perpetrated by our so-called fellow human beings. In a perfect world we wouldn't have to beg perfect strangers for the things we need to support our mission. We'd just wave our magic wand and POOF, the things we need would appear. Alas, this isn't a perfect world and there is no magic. We must rely on the good will of friends and strangers alike to make our wishes come true.

The items listed here are really more than a "wish" list, they're a "must have" list. These are items we desperately need in order to continue our mission of saving as many dogs as we can. At Pekes and Pals, no dog in need is ever turned away. Our goal is to return a rescued dog to good health and find him a suitable home, but if that doesn't happen, he has a forever home right here at Pekes and Pals. The result, of course, is...

WE NEED 2 BUILDINGS. At present, our rescues are evaluated, medicated, trained and groomed in a private home. ALL of them. Our hope is that we can get enough donations to build two buildings to take some of these tasks out of the house and into more appropriate surroundings. Ideally one building will have indoor-outdoor runs for isolation of sick dogs and one building to socialize temperamentally-challenged dogs, a grooming station with running water, an enclosed storage space and an area for leash training.
WE NEED CLEAN FILL DIRT. Before we can even consider building, however, we need clean fill dirt - lots of it! In the rainy season a lot of our property is soggy, so in addition to needing dirt for a building site, we need dirt to raise the level of the grounds - and volunteers with equipment to level the dirt, once it's delivered. (Imagine twenty or twenty-five dogs with muddy paws traipsing through YOUR house)!
WE NEED FENCING. We also need fencing, to keep the doggies in and unwanted visitors out. We suffered damage when hurricane Charlie hit us in 2004, and we badly need a new perimeter fence. The runs are the only areas that require chain link fencing.

We are appealing to anyone who can help us make our wishes come true. Can you donate some building materials, concrete or fence? Can you bring us some dirt? Can you donate to our building fund?

WE NEED DONATIONS. As you can see, our needs are many, our resources few. Your monetary donations are critical, of course, but we need people, too.
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. As our census increases, so does our need for volunteers. We need folks willing to do home visits to assess the suitability of families desiring to adopt. We need folks who have time to devote to socializing dogs, playing with them and taking them places to get them used to being around people. And we need people to transport our rescues to and from vet visits. If you can volunteer a little of your time to a very worthy cause, please fill out our Volunteer Application. Someone will contact you.

Pekes and Pals Canine Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Your donations are tax-deductable.



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